230 N Kolma Chicago IL 60624 US

From: Mr. Daniel and Vicki Allen of Divine Purpose Youth Performing Arts Center
Memo: Urgent Request for Your Assistance
Subject: Request to lend a hand in bringing the Performing Arts back to the Community

Divine Purpose Youth Performing Arts Center has undertaken a drive to spread social awareness among the communities we serve, that each child gets their basic education, has opportunities when available, mentoring, strong hard and soft skills training, and access to the Performing Arts. Our initiative can only be sustained with the help of volunteers like you, who will be ready to spare a couple of hours every week for this cause.

The volunteers should come to the center and work with our youth or work as an administrative hand to both the Executive Director and/or President when needed. Or you can assist us in our fundraising efforts at Soldier Field stadium for at least 4 hours every other weekend, working a refreshment booth to raise funds for our organization to continue our mission.

I appeal to all of you, who like me want to see better communities, where violence is no longer what’s holding the community back, but a community that is engaged in rebuilding itself through peace and the performing arts.

I urge all of you who want to make a difference by volunteering to come forward and help us in our cause. We look forward to your support on whatever level you feel most comfortable at. The task is indeed very hard changing lives and mindsets but hard work always pays off and you feel the gratification of knowing you made a difference and invested time in our future leaders of tomorrow. I appreciate you for giving your valuable time to read this and I hope that we can count on you to stand with us and rebuild communities free from violence and bring opportunities and performing arts back to the forefront.
Thanking you, 

Yours faithfully,

Vicki Allen Executive Director and Daniel Allen President and CEO