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4540 W. Washington Blvd. Chicago IL 60624 US

There’s also many groups which run different charity programs where those who qualify will receive a used vehicle, generally for free, that needs to be used for the purpose of employment. Different organizations and charities that offer free cars or other services are as followed.

1800 CHARITY CARS Donation Auto – This non-profit organisation accepts donated vehicles and gives them to the less fortunate and those in need.
Online Car Donations Auto Charity – This charity organisation accepts donated vehicles in exchange for tax deductions to support battered women and those who are challenged physically, those who are homeless and those who are self-supporting.

1-800-242-7489 1-800-CHARITY

407 Wekiva Springs Road #201 Longwood, Florida 32779

FreeGasUSA.Org – This charity is a religious organization which offers fuel grants to families and individuals who are poverty stricken. If you’re struggling to pay for your gas because of poverty this is a great site to visit.

P.O. Box 2632
Kalamazoo, Michigan 49003-2632



In our constant quest to rebuild community and provide different avenues for opportunity, we have compiled a list of resources that will be added to daily to help you and your family. If you know of any resources please feel free to contact us via the contact form and list the resources and contact information and we will be glad to list them on our site.